Hiking in Zell am See

Every step a pleasure.

Hiking in Zell am See is a true joy for all nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The picturesque town in the heart of Austria offers a wide variety of hiking trails, ranging from rolling hills to imposing peaks. Nestled in the spectacular landscape of the Salzburg region, Zell am See offers an unparalleled experience for those who love to be outdoors.

Großglockner - the throne of the Alps

One of the most famous destinations for hikers in Zell am See is the Großglockner, which at 3,798 meters is the highest mountain in Austria. On the way to the summit, hikers can enjoy breathtaking views and explore the impressive nature of the Hohe Tauern National Park. For those who choose a more challenging tour, the Großglockner also offers some difficult via ferratas, which, however, should only be mastered by experienced mountaineers.

Hiking trails to relax

For those who want to take it a little easier, Zell am See also offers many gentle hiking trails along the shores of Lake Zell. These routes offer breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains and are also suitable for families and beginners. A special highlight is the Schmittenhöhe, from which hikers can enjoy a breathtaking view over the town and the lake.

Explore the city

However, hiking in Zell am See is not only suitable for those who enjoy being out in nature. The city itself also offers a variety of cultural sights and historical buildings to be discovered. One of the most famous landmarks of the city is the Zeller Seebrücke, which spans the lake and from which hikers can enjoy beautiful views. Zell Castle and the Chapel of St. Hippolytus are also highlights of the city worth seeing.

The way is the goal

All in all, Zell am See offers an incomparable experience for everyone who loves to be out and about in nature. The varied hiking trails and spectacular scenery offer countless opportunities to extensively explore and admire the beauty of the Salzburg region.

Summer experience

Mountain biking in Zell am See

No matter if beginner or pro mountain biker - experience breathtaking views & adventurous mountain bike trails of different levels of difficulty.

Golf in Zell am See

Flat, park-like terrain, natural biotopes, lakes surrounded by reeds and varied fairways surrounded by the picturesque mountain scenery of the Hohe Tauern: This is the Leading Golf Course Zell am See-Kaprun-Saalbach!

Excursion destinations

Zell am See-Kaprun is an incomparable destination in the Alps - even in summer. The picturesque lake, surrounded by majestic mountains, offers a breathtaking view and possibility for a variety of activities.